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Sera progress part 3! I’m so happy to have this vest done, my fingers are crying!! :( that’s enough hand sewing for me. I’m glad I stuck with it the whole vest though!

I’m excited to see this come together for Pax Prime! My bow comes in on Wednesday and maybe my better tights?? (Bioware print, thanks teabird-n7!! C: )

The dress is up next, I’ll be happy to work with easier materials !!

See ya soon!

Just a crossplay update on Sera! I’m really excited to wear this, my fingers are killing me from hand sewing the pleather…. The vest thing is starting to take shape! And I’m using this dress I found at Value Village as a pattern! My friend blatsuura is making a Cassandra costume also! (In my makeup test photo)

I’m excited but gotta get this done for Pax!!! Good luck fellow cosplayers!